Alfred 2.3 na Área, gatilhos externos


O Alfred é um “super” Spotlight ainda mais em parceria com o PowerPack.

Alfred 2 Change Log
Please note that the Change Log covers all changes including Powerpack-only features. To enjoy all that Alfred has to offer, be sure to buy a Powerpack 🙂
8th May 2014
• New ‘external trigger’ workflow object for running workflows from outside of Alfred using AppleScript
• Update ‘Open File’ workflow action to allow static files to be opened with the specified application
• Context sensitive workflow hotkeys, ability to automatically register and deregister hotkeys for the currently focused app in OS X
• When disabling a workflow, also deregister the hotkeys. This requires a little responsibility on the part of the hotkey user to avoid registering hotkeys elsewhere in OS X
• New options to set new workflow defaults such as creator and readme, available on the [+] new workflow button
• Add ‘text for copying’ and ‘text for large type’ and dynamic mod subtext overrides to Script Filter XML (see script filter xml example for more info)
• Update workflow Script XML example to include the new Alfred 2.3 attributes
• Fix rare script output UTF8 decoding error resulting in missing data returned from a script. Manifested in script filter returning large XML which parsed as invalid
• Add “Copy” button in debugger to copy the current content of log to clipboard
• Improve and clarify certain aspects of debug logging
• Always output returned script XML from a Script Filter when logging is set to “All Information”, regardless of error
• Make sure that the debugger is only hidden if the workflow selection is changed by a user, and not on an external reload
• Option to remember the last selected workflow category when re-opening Alfred, in the ‘Edit Categories’ preferences
• Show system default mail client icon with ‘email’ command, not fixed to icon
• Clarify the popup auto update dialog, adding a note to show if the user is currently following pre-release builds
• Bring back window blur hack in Mavericks with added resilience
• chmod -x unnecessary flags from some bundled example and template workflows
• Remove the un-wired “Confirm” option for the ‘eject all’ feature preferences
• Don’t allow duplicate names in the categories editor
• When renaming categories, ensure that related workflows have their categories updated correctly
• Tidy up ‘Eject’ framework and add “Eject All” to the available System Command workflow actions
• Better re-selection of workflows when changing categories, filtering and editing
• Prevent deleting workflow objects / connections while dragging or connecting them, leading to undesirable behaviour
• Promote Preference Panes into Alfred’s internal file cache for higher performance, better i18n and fuzzy matching
• Popup menus on workflow canvas for e.g. configure / copy / paste etc. Prevent accidental dragging of workflow objects when clicking by reducing initial sensitivity
• More intelligent creation of workflow from pre-defined templates, now allowing users to set the name and icon, and be pre-filled with workflow defaults
• Prevent smart substitutions in Terminal integration custom AppleScript editor preferences
• A few preferences UI refinements
• Update to latest Xcode 5.1 and clang (traduzir)

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