Apple anuncia novos benefícios para funcionários


Licença paternidade/maternidade ampliada, reembolso educacional, empréstimo educacional, centro “weelness”…

Fideliza o funcionários e atrai novos.

We know how hard all of you are working: from the teams designing, producing, launching, and supporting our incredible products to the thousands of retail employees sharing the excitement and experience face to face with our customers every day. You are the reason we are able to change the world, again and again. We appreciate all that you give to Apple to make us great.

Because we want to make sure you get the support you need, we’re excited to introduce significant changes to our global well-being programs for both part-time and full-time employees:

• Educational assistance will be available to all full-time employees and part-time retail employees worldwide and will now cover courses related to any job at Apple — including English language courses at any institution.
• We’re thrilled to introduce a Student Loan Refinancing Program for U.S. employees. This program can ease the burden of past loans and help you cover future expenses for your college-aged children.
• Giving back is something that’s important to so many of us. Since the Apple Matching Gifts Program began, Apple has matched over $25 million of employees’ charitable contributions. Now we’re going to help you do even more for causes that are important to you — by expanding the Apple Matching Gifts Program to all Apple employees around the world and by donating money to causes where you volunteer your time.
• In the U.S., we’re enhancing our maternity and new parent leave options for full-time employees. As a new mom, you will be able to take fully paid leave for up to four weeks before your due date and up to twelve to fourteen weeks after your baby is born. Other new parents will receive full pay for up to six weeks.

To learn about these changes and more, or to provide feedback on any of Apple’s well-being programs, I encourage you to visit HRWeb.

As we embark upon these busy and important months for our customers, please make sure to give yourself the attention you deserve. Your work is vital, but your happiness and well-being are what will bring true success.

via 9to5mac, fortune

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