Dispatch 2.0 na Área, pastas e fifo


O cliente de email que uso no iOS no dia a dia, o Dispatch, chegou a versão 2.0.

Agora com suporte a pastas e possibilidade de reordenar a lista de emails de trás para frente. Assim o primeiro email a chegar é o primeiro email a ser processado. E ainda veio com detecção de phishing e botão para desassinar “spam”.

Novidades da versão 2.0

• Mailbox/folder access (yup, about time)
• New icon, refreshed look
• Sort with oldest emails first (thank Mike Vardy)
• New Unsubscribe triaging action (goodbye mailing list and newsletters)
• Triage dates, phone numbers and links in subject
• Phishing detection and warning
• Delete email addresses from auto-complete recipient list
• New Actioned flag indicating emails that have been triaged, in addition to Replied and Forwarded flags
• x-callback-url support for /compose URL scheme
• Local drafts for all accounts can now be accessed from within Unified Inbox
• Add (Link) to Reading List triaging action
• Insert Photo action when composing mail (just because the popup menu can be a pain)


• Searching and auto-completing of recipients is now a lot more relevant
• Reduced memory footprint and a speedier Dispatch, especially if you’ve loads of contacts in your address book
• Tapping on Archive/Delete/Spam button when reading a mail now shows options to Archive/Delete/Spam/Move without requiring a long press. It’s one more tap to your default action, but also a lot easier (and less obscure) to get to other options
• Navigation bar buttons are now larger and in line with iOS system navigation buttons size


• Abandoned and leaked memory when triaging
• Abandoned memory when reading mails with remote images
• When triaging a date or time, related date or time is not parsed together
• Asana: logging in with Google Apps fail to complete authorization the first time round
• Unable to tap on status bar to scroll to top when reading mails from search result
• Line breaks in subject
• Visual glitches in navigation bar when bottom error bar appears
• Crash when selecting mailbox in Settings > Accounts > [Account] if it is currently ‘Not configured
• Crash on launch in certain scenario (thanks Geert Poels)
• ‘View Source’ activity cannot be disabled
• Tapping on multiple attachments while they’re still loading ends up locking the UI
• Keyboard navigation issues when adding an account for the first time
• Archiving an email with the same message-id that was received in multiple mailboxes ends up clearing every cell with that message (traduzir)

Gustavo Faria

de um tempo em que a UFRJ formava não cientistas da computação, mas bacharéis em informática e acompanhe as Dicas do Coca.
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