O Weather Channel puxou o tapete do Yahoo?


Até o iOS 7 a previsão do tempo era feito com dados no Yahoo. No iOS 8 será provida pelo Weather Channel.

O curioso é que os dados do Yahoo são fornecidos pelo Weather Channel. O Yahoo era uma espécie de atravessador. Para ganhar a Apple o Weather Channel ofereceu mais do que o Yahoo. Previsão de 9 dias ao invés de 5, resumo das condições do tempo, mais localidades, …

O detalhe é que o CEO do Weather Channel, David Kenny, já fez parte do Conselho Administrativo do Yahoo.

The situation Yahoo finds itself in is due to a very crafty deal engineered by former Yahoo board member and Weather Channel CEO David Kenny, who has essentially shoved Yahoo off the key smartphone to be replaced by a new offering that he has been developing since he took over the weather news and information service last year. With it, he has unseated Yahoo from its important perch. (traduzir)

To convince Apple to make the shift and cut Yahoo out of the middle, the Weather Channel added a lot more technology and information to the offering that it does not provide to Yahoo. That includes more weather specificity related to the location of a user, a nine-day forecast (up from five), a weather-conditions summary and more.

“Yahoo had been renting ocean-front property for years and did not realize the lease was up, and the Weather Channel slipped right in and took it,” said a Yahoo exec, who said the company acted too late to save the deal. “It’s a high-profile loss.” (traduzir)

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