Participação de Mercado e iPad

Durante a conferência Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference, Tim Cook falou sobre o iPad e a Participação de Mercado.

Disse que o iPad vende mais que a HP vende PC’s. Que pessoas que nunca tiveram PC’s, hoje possuem iPad’s. Que na Black Friday foi vendido o dobro de iPad que Tablets Androids, mas que ainda assim não sabe com precisão qual a participação de mercado do iPad por que a Apple é a única a divulgar o número de vendas.

“I think the tablet market will be huge. It is a huge opportunity for Apple. It is one of those areas that show—what I mentioned earlier—of software and hardware services being integrated and creating an experience that is jaw dropping. In context, HP, world’s largest PC seller, sold 15 million more pcs…there were more iPad sold than HP sold of their entire PC lineup. There has been a change here. We’re in the early innings of this game.

The chief executive also said Apple is attracting people who have never owned a PC and those who owned them but never had a great experience: “If you look at what we bring there, we worked on our experience. Over 300,000 apps take advantage of the canvas that is iPad. Other guys only have a few hundred. We have a big lead in this area.

He said there was twice as many iPads as Android devices bought on Black Friday and attributed the sales to Apple sweating the details, but Cook also reiterated that the company does not focus on market share: “I have no idea what market share is, because we’re only company that reports what we sell.

The data is clear that customers use them a lot more, to a much higher degree than what our share might be. I’m not sure what people are doing with these other tablets,” he explained. “The other thing that is so profound about iPad, is that in this short period of time, it is moving and beings sold in a large way in all the key markets…The age-old model of everyone doing a sliver of something, customers aren’t buying it.”

Gustavo Faria

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