Unread 1.3 Área, leitor de rss e vem versão para iPad


Novidades da versão 1.3
[NEW] Vastly improved scroll performance, especially on older devices.

[NEW] You can now tug down the refresh control extra far to see the most recent refresh date.

[NEW] Long press on a folder to open it as a list of articles or subscriptions (the opposite of your default preference).

[NEW] Long press on Unread, All Articles, or Starred to show a list of subscriptions instead of a list of articles.

[REVIEW] Unread for iPad has passed review and is coming June 9th.

[NEW] Shake to clear read items. If you’re viewing a list of unread articles, shaking the device will clear the read items from the list. Saves you from having to go out and back into the list.

[NEW] Tapping the footer bar scrolls to the bottom of the current screen.

[NEW] Web view toolbars now change to light or dark mode based on the background color of the current page.

[NEW] Added a Release Notes screen.

[CHANGE] Article lists now “page” in their content. Scrolling near the bottom of a list triggers the next batch of older articles to page in. This allows significant scrolling performance improvements on older devices, as well as features like preserving the scroll offset when the list refreshes. Mark All Read and related features still work as they did previously.

[EGG] New hidden theme: Caramel.

[CHANGE] Long press on an account on the home screen to remove an account.

[CHANGE] Compliment option now launches the App Store.

[CHANGE] Shave and a hair cut.

[CHANGE] 0001, 0001.

[CHANGE] Shows confirmation after resetting the image or URL caches.

[CHANGE] App Store and iTunes links launch the official apps if those links are affiliate links.

[REVIEW] Without John Williams’s score — with a more typical 80s sci-fi movie soundtrack, maybe one by Goblin — New Hope would have been a B-movie.

[CHANGE] Marking all as read dismisses the current screen no matter what.

[CHANGE] Improved email subjects when sharing links.

[CHANGE] Improved VoiceOver text for the word “read” (sounds like “red” now).

[FIX] Fixed a bug that prevented images from appearing in articles under certain conditions.

[FIX] Lots of minor bug fixes and UI improvements.

[EGG] New hidden theme: Panic.

[FIX] Alt text not properly centered under certain conditions.

[REVIEW] The last episode of Fraggle Rock was as creepy as LOST at its best. That cardboard box… **shivers** …still gives me the willies.

[FIX] Sharing the URL of the current page in the web browser uses the incorrect URL under certain conditions.

[FIX] The footer bar title wasn’t updating when tugging between articles.

[FIX] Fixed a crasher when dismissing the image viewer too early.

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Unread – An RSS Reader

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