Consumer Reports: iPhone 5s é o Melhor iPhone feito até hoje apesar da Telinha e da Bateria


iPhone 5s and 5c earn high scores in Consumer Reports’ Ratings

O mercado quer uma tela maior. Mais cedo ou mais tarde a Apple vai ter que acatar.

Bateria está muito associada ao Tamanho da Tela. Quando maior a Tela, maior o Aparelho, maior o espaço para a bateria. Independente disso, é preciso vir uma nova tecnologia de baterias urgente.

iPhone 5s
One of the most compelling new features on the iPhone 5s ($200 to $400 on many carriers) is the Touch ID fingerprint reader that’s built into the Home button. It lets you safely and quickly unlock the phone’s screen or authorize an iTunes purchase with just a light press of your finger. We found it worked well and was a heck of lot easier than typing a PIN or password. The phone’s 8-megapixel camera, one of the few in our tests capable of taking excellent-quality pictures, has a digital image stabilizer that we confirmed will improve your chances of taking hand-held photos under low-light conditions. The iPhone 5s also has an ultra-fast 64-bit processor—the first we’ve seen on a phone—though only a handful of apps and games are optimized for it. Price with a two-year commitment: $200, 32GB; $300, 32GB; $400, 64GB.

iPhone 5c
There’s not as much to say about the affordable iPhone 5c ($100 to $200 on many carriers), except that its capabilities are more closely aligned with the iPhone 5, and it’s a half-ounce heaver and about 15 percent thicker. But no doubt many people will love that its plastic case comes in a variety of eye-catching colors. Price with a two-year commitment: $100, 16GB; $200, 32GB.

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