NCPPR acusa Tim Cook de Fingir Sustentabilidade e Fúria


Durante a última reunião de acionistas, sexta(28), Tim Cook ficou furioso quando sugerido a buscar a rentabilidade pelo representante da NCPPR.

O CEO da NCPPR acusou Tim Cook de estar fingindo o comprometimento com sustentabilidade e até a Fúria durante a reunião.

Tim Cook didn’t get paid some $40 million in 2013 because he’s an environmentalist, but he is more valuable to Apple when he plays one on TV. As such, Tim Cook’s statement may simply have been public relations. He looked nice and green, standing there, indignant that someone might think one of the world’s most successful companies should focus on… business success. (traduzir)

We wonder if Mr. Cook’s outrage was feigned. What constitutes a “green” company is subjective, but it is hard to imagine that Apple qualifies. Minimalist packaging is a big priority within the sustainability movement. Apple’s packaging is beautiful, but not minimalist. (traduzir)

Gustavo Faria

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