TextExpander 4.2.1 para Mac na Área resolvendo o consumo excessivo de CPU



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TextExpander 4.2.1 (2014-01-14)
Resolves excessive CPU use which occurred on some systems after several expansions
Resolves a timing issue (race condition) in 4.2 which can cause crashes upon expansion on certain systems
Pre-fills URL field if Add Group from URL is selected with a URL on the pasteboard
Adds prompting to increase 5 second script snippet timeout on 10.8+
Allows setting script snippet timeout via AppleScript
Offers to change Shell Script snippets lacking task specifier (#!) to Plain Text on 10.8+
Fixes crash that could occur if snippet content computation exceeded five second limit
Fixes automatic sentence capitalization that did not occur after pressing Return to move from a single-line text field to a multi-line text area
Requires only the first word of snippet content to be lowercase for Adapt to Case of Abbreviation [280]
Allows one non-letter character at the beginning of the abbreviation to still work with Adapt to Case of Abbreviation [158]
Restores date macro evaluation to snippets embedded within script snippets [881]
Fixes problem where @ symbol after a % was incorrectly interpreted as a date/time adjustment macro [878] (traduzir)

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