Tim Cook na Climate Week NYC: Nave Mãe será o prédio mais ecológico do planeta


“We’re building a new headquarters that will, I think, be the greenest building on the planet. It’ll be a center for innovation, and it’s something clearly our employees want and we want. (traduzir)

You look at what are the root causes, and you’re not accepting that there’s a trade-off between the economy and the environment,” he said in the interview. “If you innovate and you set the bar high, you will find a way to do both. and that you must do both, because the long-term consequences of not addressing the environment are huge.” (traduzir)

“That’s the reason that everyone at Apple […] is not accepting that you have to pick this or this,” If we took that kind of approach to our product, we would never make a great compromise. the truth is that you can’t compromise.” (traduzir)

via techcrunch

Gustavo Faria

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