Workflow 1.3 na Área, widgets e ações de saúde


Novidades da versão 1.3
This update introduces our brand-new Today Widget, our long-awaited Workflow Sync service, and many other new features!

With the Today Widget, you can quickly run workflows from any app by just pulling down Notification Center. Workflow Sync keeps your workflows synced between all of your devices and securely backs up your workflows to the cloud so you won’t lose them.

We’ve also added 11 fancy new actions, including several Health-related ones (such as Log Workout and Log Health Sample), Share with Transmit, and more. We were shocked to find out that Workflow has bugs, so we fixed some of those, too. See the full list of changes at (traduzir)

Gustavo Faria

de um tempo em que a UFRJ formava não cientistas da computação, mas bacharéis em informática e acompanhe as Dicas do Coca.
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