iStat Menus 5.1 na Área


Improved performance and reduced memory usage.
Improved support for 5k iMac.
Added support for 2015 MacBook Airs.
Added support for 2015 13-inch MacBook Pro.
Added ability to have different skin settings for light and dark menu bar modes in Yosemite.
Added more memory details when using Memory Pressure mode.
Added an option to show activity for individual disks in the menubar.
Added an option to show activity for each disk in a fusion drive in the disks dropdown.
Added ability to rename cities.
Added an option to only show MB/s or Mb/s for bandwidth in the menubar.
Added new hardware info to network connection submenus.
Fixed some issues where disk activity was missing for some disks.
Fixed an issue with disk activity not working with SoftRAID disks.
Fixed an issue where disks could show 0KB free.
Fixed an issue with 12 hour time formats if system is set to 24 hour time.
Fixed an issue in the network extra where the primary interface setting may not have been working correctly in the menubar.
Improved per app network monitoring on Yosemite.
Improved GPU monitoring.
Improved disk activity monitoring.
Improved layout in disks dropdown when a disk has multiple partitions.
Improved display of some menubar text modes in Yosemite.
Improved event dots in calendar.
Improved moon item display when using Simple city layout.
Improved city database.

Gustavo Faria

de um tempo em que a UFRJ formava não cientistas da computação, mas bacharéis em informática e acompanhe as Dicas do Coca.
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