Pocket Casts 4.3 na Área, capas por episódios


O Pocket Casts é o player de podcast mais completo da atualidade.

– added support for podcasts with embedded artwork that changes per episode. Crazy podcasters take the time to do it, so we might as well show it off 😉

– added variable playback speed for video’s on iPad. So confession time: we think anyone that turns that on is insane but a lot of you seem to want this feature. So it’s a trade of sorts, we get to refer to you as ‘crazy weirdos’ and you get the feature. Deal?

– We spent a long time fixing bugs in this release, trying to make the app as solid as we can before moving on with any major new features. It’s both boring and extremely rewarding to go through a list of bugs where your initial reaction to reading it varies from “did you freeze the app frame by frame to get that?” to “oh my, I can’t believe we missed that”. Hopefully someone notices all the small things we fixed, otherwise if you need me I’ll be here, sobbing gently into my lonely Xcode window. (traduzir)

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Gustavo Faria

de um tempo em que a UFRJ formava não cientistas da computação, mas bacharéis em informática e acompanhe as Dicas do Coca.
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