Quais foram os 64 Apple Watch Apps apresentados na keynote?


Apple Applications
All of these are seen on the device.

E03) Clock – The main clock with configurable faces.
B09) Timer – Countdown timer
A09) Stopwatch – Designed for common and sports scenarios.
E02) World Clock
E05) Fitness – Move, Stand and Exercise “Rings” on the screen game-ify basic fitness with achievements (badges)
E04) Workout -monitoring for running, cycling etc.
???) Siri – Various integration points, including rotten tomatoes (movies).
D03) Music – No details on storage.
C04) Weather – No details.
C05) Calendar – Supports “Glances” for next meeting etc.
D09) iTunes Remote – Blue play icon. remote play iphone or airplay music.
E09) Photos – Favourited collections and photos only, show in mosaic and allow zooming.
A06) Passbook – Support for Apple Pay. Default card will show when next to NFC, contact with skin (and passcode entry, when the watch is put on) is required.
D02) Maps – Walking directions with vibrating “go left/right” feedback.
D10) Settings – Obvious requirement.
C09) Messages – Quick replies and notifications imessage and SMS.
C08) Phone Dialer – No details
E11) Camera Remote – Shows video feed. Great for gigs if you’re short. Good for iPhone camera timer.
B10) Stocks – Much like apple’s iOS app.
E01) Alarm Clock – Yet another separate clock app.
E07) Mail – Basic email functionality, including smart replies (reads emails for common responses)
D08) Calculator – Basic calc, probably not scientific due to screen size.
E12) Heart Monitor – Red icon with white heart, with heartbeat going through it.
— Possible —
B12) Workout – Old Workout app icon or raw workout data
C11) Fitness – Old Fitness app icon or raw fitness data. Same icon as in Health iOS8 app.
B03) Sleep Monitor – possible sleep monitoring and suggestions

Announced Vendor Applications
Not all of these were seen on the home screen.

???) Facebook
A07) Twitter
A13) BMW i Connected Drive
B06) American Airlines
B07) HoneyWell Lyric – thermostat control
???) Nike+
C02) Starwood Hotels
C07) Lutron – lighting control
C10) Major League Baseball
D06) Yahoo
D07) Pinterest
E10) City Mapper – public transport route finder
—Discovered, not announced—
A10) Whole Pantry – Healthy recipes
A11) Telegram – Messenger app
B11) QQ – messenger, calling app.
C06) AT&T Voicemail Viewer – visual voicemail
E06) Weibo – Chinese microblog (like twitter/fb)

Unknown Icons
Icons on the home screen i couldn’t identify.

A01) White – Black ‘B’
A02) Blue – white tick
A03) White – Card Game – 4 suits
A04) Red – with orange “Cc” text logo
A08) Orange – with white Mail envelope
A12) Grey -with 5 multi-colored ‘splashes’ out from the center.
A13) Grey – leaning grey icon with blue “i” in it
B01) Green – with black “3” and “4” flip clock cards.
B02) Green – with a white Explosion and a “B”
B04) Red – with a brown bear/dog
B05) White – 2 arrows red and green pointing at each other.
B08) Green – Lightbulb icon
B13) White – with ABC in colorful writing.
C01) Yellow – with white # symbol
C03) Green – Currency Converter Icon (pound, euro, dollar sign)
C12) Yellow – light yellow with orange Fox
C13) Blue – light blue with a Red heart-shaped plane facing S.
D01) Purple – with basketball net
D04) Green -with a white Percent sign
D05) Grey – with a color painting palette of 7 colors
D11) Light Yellow – bar chart (Numbers?)
D12) Yellow – with a Ladybird
D13) Green – 4 people sat at a table?
E08) Grey – with a purple ‘carriage return’ character

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