Evernote não está preocupado com OneNote da MS, ele quer é acabar com o Office


“It just dumbs everything down,” he said. “The cognitive style of it is wrong. It’s corrupt.”

The only part of the Office suite Libin said is actually good software is Excel. Even there, though, he said it is more often used for making lists than for doing the kinds of financial modeling that Excel is actually good at.

Libin’s sharp words for Microsoft come as Evernote itself is in the midst of a transition, aiming to shift from a consumer tool also used by businesses into one with workers in mind.

“We’ve definitely focused the company on work — on your life’s work,” Libin said. “We want to own the workspace. … Our goal is very much to make the general solution for modern busy people.” (traduzir)

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Gustavo Faria

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